Tuesday, 8 April 2014

2 years later and what to blog about

Wow, I completely forgot about this blog, and to see that i am still playing this game 2 years later is unbelievable.

Now lets see, many things has happened over these 2 years, got sick, finished school and got pretty high in terms of elo in league of legends The ranking system has changed, more heroes have been added, i would say league of legends is completely different to what it was 2 years ago and its quite amazing for a game like LoL to continue to grow. The e sports scene has grown drastically as well with dota 2 coming in, cs go and hearthstone.

So I am currently Diamond 1 on the OCE servers, I have met many players and i can safely say that since season 4 started the player quality has decreased drastically, oh i also joined a team and hope this team can achieve quite high in the competitive scene.

Also spring season of anime started and I have already watched the first ep of captain earth, gary stu at magic school and a couple others. Lets hope this season isnt too shit while i think about what to write next, maybe first episode impressions.

As I am going to blog again I will mainly be talking about games, anime and manga