Saturday, 21 January 2012

a bit late

I think i forgot to write a post yesterday because of how busy i was...playing LoL. Anyway, moving on, ever since that Sejuani Patch, i have been pretty happy. There were nerfs to some of the champions which were a bit OP and then there were buffs to Mundo and various other heroes which needed them.

Now we have alot of sheep in LoL, these players seem to follow the words of the shepard quite well. The Shepard being some professional player while the sheep are just your everyday LoL player. So i think the best example would be Elementz Tier List for both Solo Que and Draft. Now whenever elementz updates his SOlo Que, people take it quite seriously and start playing whatever is top. Its funny when you get on, start playing ranked and then after a few games, you realise that alot of people follow the tier list and actually think they can win if they choose the best hero for Solo Que. Please don't , especially if you dont play that hero as a main. It will just make you look retarded. No Joke.

Now moving on to the best ad carry in LoL, because of them nerfs to graves and vayne, it obviously has to be Sivir :D. Why? cause Chaox said so. Hahaha, but seriously, the best AD carry can be anyone, and you just need the skill to play them to their full potential.

Also, **** ranked, seriously, i decide to play ranked seriouslyt and i get people who focus the tank ; ;. What did i do to deserve this ~ 1380 elo D:

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