Thursday, 19 January 2012

Glorious Level 30

When you hit that level 30 mark, you feel almost complete, having a full set of masteries, and hopefully having a full set of runes depending on what roles you like to play is a great start. It is here that you will face many difficulties, a trail of hardship which no player has ever face. Ranked for Solo/Duo. Here it is, the utmost of bad players are in here and you will have to face them and play with them no matter what.

Briefly running it down, its pretty much a ranking system used in LoL for individual players using the ELO system, most commonly found in Chess. Now in chess, its always a 1v1 type thing, and that who ever has the highest ELO would obviously be the best player in the game. Now in Ranked Solo, you have your own ELO to deal with and then you get put into a team with 4 random players around your skill level, then get matched against an enemy team around your skill level. You would think that after playing all the way to 30 that when you start off, these players will be good right? Well NOPE, when you first start off you get players that are so bad, you wonder how they got to level 30. And when you drop 50 ELO  guess what happens? You get worse team mates, that's right, the more ELO you drop, the worse your team is. To me this is like a incentive on saying, if you want a good team, you want to play your best and not slack off. But that usually doesn't happen. You get players who feed, who don't even know the basic mechanics of the game it will make you depressed.

In Season 1 I was at the 1100 ELO mark, (you start at 1200), your first 10 games are the most important games as it places you somewhere. Unfortunately I got placed at 1100 ELO and believe me you don't want to go there, it is soooo bad with the amount of players you get, I raged 8 games out of 10, that's right 8! Now do you want to be at a low ELO, and not at the 1500 or 2000 ELO? Well here's the easiest way to get to like the 1400 since thats where i am :D. Play the most OP hero of the time, play AP carry and dominate your lane, then go roaming and dominate every other lane. With that you should be able to get your ELO up. And remember to keep on practising.

Finally another easy way to get high ELO is to play a champion which doesn't get played much, play 1000 games with that champion, and you will be godlike.

See you on the field.

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